Gathered Top
Gathered Top

Maker: West Virginia Glass Co.
Reference(s): Lechner III, pg. 166-2. Also, see Special Comments below.
Description: Shaker has a truncated cone shape with well rounded lower and a neck ring. The body has rounded ribs on upper which appear as if a cloth was gathered around the neck.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Opaque white and buff; also made in clear, clear cranberry, emerald green, amethyst and cobalt blue. See Special Comments below.
Size: 2-3/8" tall; 2-1/4" max. dia.; 2" base dia.
Date: Ca. 1894-99.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO153.
Special Comments: The orignal name for this pattern was West Virginia Glass #203. (See K 6, pg.49 and Pl. 54 which shows a copy of an original ad.) A slightly different version of this shaker is shown in Lechner II, pg 198-4. It shows the shaker in clear cranberry glass and it was named Optic, West Virginia. The shaker shapes are the same, but the height is different than the one above shown in Lechner III!

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