Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club


Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): Unknown.
Description: A shaker with circular cross-section which is somewhat like a relatively tall cylinder except it is concave over most of its body, but has wide, tapered region near its base. It has two piece top and the top piece is very unusual with a long metal rod at its center and protruding arms which is designed to be twisted to stir the salt. Also, inside the cap are star-shaped metal fingers which rotate to clear the holes of salt.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Opalware.
Size: 3-3/4" tall; 2" max. dia.; 1-3/4" base dia.
Date: Early, but unknown.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO152.
Special Comments: Might this be European? Peterson found no application for a U.S. patent for this type of agitator.

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