Maker: Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company.
Reference(s): Kamm 5, pg. 52; Lechner II, pg. 215-3. Also, see Special Comments.
Description: This is a bulbous shaker with a very long cylindrical neck whose length is over 1/2 the total height of the shaker. Around the base of the shaker and the base of the neck is a ring of beads.
Decoration: The neck is yellow. The lower has a large, colorful HP flower.
Colors Known: Opalware and red satin.
Size: 3" tall; 2-1/2" max. dia.
Date: Ca. 1899-1902.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO144.
Special Comments: The OMN name for this pattern is "Floral". An extensive set of.items in this pattern is shown in Gougeon, Milk Glass/Pattern Glass, Book 1, pg 41-2. However, the shakers shown in the condiment set are not the long neck ones. However, Consolidated made salt and pepper shakers with this shape (without the rows of beads). These are also shown in Gougeon. Some pieces in this pattern are also shown in H 3, pg. 21, Fig. 75 (in red satin) and pg. 52, Fig. 405A. Also, H 6, pg. 17, Fig. 8, and McCain, pg. 258-9. Fig. 3.

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