Maker: McKee & Brothers.
Reference(s): Kamm 7, pg. 43, shows this pattern; the shaker is shown in Peterson, pg. 175-G. Also, see Special Comments below.
Description: A clear, spherical shaker covered with fancy impressed design all over. There are four large diamonds enclosing a large array of small pyramidal dots. Between the large diamonds on all edges is a five-leaf fan pattern.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Clear.
Size: 2-1/2" tall; 2" sphere dia.
Date: Ca. 1894-8.
Submitted by: Anonymous .
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO143.
Special Comments: This pattern and slight variations of it have a history of several names. In Kamm 7, pg. 43 this pattern is shown and called Long Star. However, in Peterson, this pattern is named Teutonic. In Kamm 3, pg. 133 a slight variation of this pattern is called I H C and was found in an 1894 catalog of McKee & Brothers. However, J. & E. Welker in Pressed Glass in America shows this pattern, which was noted by the Submitter, but there was some confusion in the dates since discusses McKee being part of National Glass which happened in 1899.[Kamm 3, pg. 133, mentions that the pattern "is often seen found in rather mediocre glass", which may have been the later production as part of National Glass? McCain, pg. 106-7, Fig. 2, has listed the Long Star name as preferred with I H C and Teutonic as alternate names.

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