Daisy High and Low
Daisy High and Low

Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): Unknown.
Description: This shaker has the common shape of an hexagonal shaker with definite concave sides which flare at base. It has a wide shoulder and curls under to form its base. Shaker is unusual in that the sides and rims of the panels are not decorated, e.g., lined with beads. Each panel has embossing of 14 pedals surrounding a small circular central flower which gives it the appearance of a daisy. The flowers alternate in position. If daisy is on upper half of a panel, then both neighboring panels have their daisies on lower half, etc. Also, some leaf embossing below or above each flower.
Decoration: Some remnants of HP on the leaves.
Colors Known: Opalware.
Size: No size data provided!
Date: Unknown.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO132.
Special Comments: Need more data on this shaker.
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