Maker: Co-Operative Flint Glass Company.
Reference(s): Heacock, Book 7 Ruby-Stained Glass From A to Z, Fig. 660 on pg. 53 with text on pg. 107. Also, Lechner III, pg. 48-3.
Description: A six panelled shaker with umbrella-like rounding below neck and concave panels extending below to the hexagonal base.
Decoration: An etched fleur-de-lis alternating on half the panels with an etched flaring star.
Colors Known: Ruby stained; crystal.
Size: 2-7/8" tall; 2" max. width.
Date: Ca. 1903- .
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO128.
Special Comments: This was an OMN to honor Mr. Douglass, the President of Co-op glass.

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