Spheroid, Footed
Spheroid, Footed

Maker: Mt. Washington/Pairpoint Corporation.
Reference(s): Lechner II, pg. 151-2. See also Special Comments below.
Description: Shaker is spheroid which concaves near the bottom and has a thick base which serves as a foot.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Clear amethyst.
Size: 2-1/4" tall; 2-1/8" max. dia.; 1-1/2" base dia.
Date: Ca. 1894-1900.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO122.
Special Comments: Shaker also listed in Lechner II, pg. 95-1 and named "Bulb, Footed". That shaker was apparently made from the same mould as shaker above, but it was made in opalware, stained, and very nicely HP.

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