Barrel, Challinor's #14, Type II
Barrel, Challinor's #14, Type II

Maker: Challinor, Taylor, and Company.
Reference(s): R. Lucas, Tarentum Pattern Glass pgs. 116-7. Also, Lechner II, pg. 40-1, but see Special Comments below.
Description: A barrel keg shape with elaborate decoration on its mid- section.
Decoration: The shaker has three distinct regions. The top and lowest regions are plain and cream in color, but the mid-section has a white background with an elaborate design consisting of a dark red zig-zag line with small and different florals "inside" the zig-zag regions. Both the top and bottom of the center region are bounded by a thick, as well as a narrow black ring.
Colors Known: Opalware.
Size: 2-3/8" tall; 1-5/8" max. dia.
Date: Ca. 1888-91.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO107.
Special Comments: This shaker differs from Challinor and Taylor #14 (Type I), which is shown in Lechner II, pg. 40-2 since it differs in both size and thread count (and also has different decoration).

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