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Parian Swirl
Parian Swirl

Maker: Northwood Glass Company. (Harry Woodward was submitted as maker, possibly intended to be Harry Northwood who designed many of Northwood's glass items?)
Reference(s): Kamm 4-Pl. IX, shows original ad with name of Parian "Ruby". Pattern discussed in her fifth book, pg. 89. There are many other references. (See Special Comments below.)
Description: Spheroid shaker with eight wide, swirled ribs going up towards the right. Has ring neck.
Decoration: Many were satinized; some fosted; a few were decorated (one is shown in Heacock reference below).
Colors Known: Ruby, opaque green; frost rubina; blue; spatter.
Size: 2-5/8" tall; 2-1/4" body dia.
Date: Ca. 1894-96.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO104.
Special Comments: Other references include mentioned in Peterson, pg. 140; Heacock, Victorian Colored Pattern Glass, Book III pg. 35, Figs. 220, 221, and 222; Lechner II, pg. 243-3; Lechner III, pg. 141-3 added some important comments on dates and attribution; Heacock, Measell, and Wiggins, Harry Northwood The Early Years 1881-1900, pg. 38-2; pattern shown and discussed on several other pages as well (refer to Index.)

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