Ribbed, Bottom and Top
Ribbed, Bottom and Top

Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): C.W. Brown, Supplement to Salt Dishes, pg.72, Fig. 2108. Lechner II, p. 249. Also, see Special Comments below.
Description: A tall, cylindrical-shaped bottle shaker with circular cross-section. The shaker has three distinct regions separated by upper and lower rings. The mid-section between these rings is plain and bulges slightly. The region nearest the neck extends inward from the upper ring to the neck ring and is encircled with wide ribbing. The lower region is encircled with the same type of ribbing but it is vertical and not slanting.
Decoration: None on the one shown here, but one of those shown in Lechner has a HP design encircling the mid-section region.
Colors Known: Opaque dark pink, white, custard, and blue.
Size: 3-1/8" tall; 1-5/8" max. dia.
Date: Ca. 1901-7.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO101.
Special Comments: A slightly different version of this shaker is AGGSSSC #341 Ribbed, Bottom and Top, Variant. That shaker is is a variant because the lower ribbed section slants inward from the body ring to the bottom.

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