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Maker: Inventor was J.W. Meaker of Detroit, MI.
Date: Possibly ca. 1929.
Size: 2-19/16" tall", 1-1/2" wide, screw on bottom 2-3/16" long.
Desc: Ribbed dome with screw-on base which contains stamped instructions for use with salt or pepper. Five holes in the interior tube, and five holes in the dome for dispensing. "J.W.Meaker - Detroit, MI,Patent Apl'd For" on bottom.
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: None reported.
Submitted by: Krauss
More Info: Lechner III, p. 228. A 3" variant has also been observed, with aluminum base marked "Patented June 25th, 1929, U.S.A."

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