Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club (AGSSSC)

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AGSSSC ID Pages by Visual Shapes

(1) Basic Shapes, Primary
These give the shaker its basic shape or silhouette.

Shape Description References
Apple Spherical, may be footed. See also Ball, Globe, Marble and Sphere. L2 p128 Apple, Little
L2 p128 Apple, Little, Footed
Bale A squarish tied bundle L2 p43 Cotton Bale
L2 p62 Creased Bale
L3 p101 Bale, Pairpoint
Ball Spherical, may be smooth or have interior or exterior surface pattern; may be footed. See also Apple, Globe, Marble and Sphere. L2 p129 Ball Swirl
L3 p169 Ball, Footed
L3 p170 Ball, Venetian Diamond
Barrel Any convex shape that curves in at the top and bottom; top and bottom diameters do not need to be the same. L2 p97 Barrel, Vasa Murrhina
L3 p102 Barrel, Footed Optic
L3 p170 - 179
Bell Bell shaped, with a flare at the bottom. L2 p35 Liberty Bell
L2 p205 Bell, Fancy
L2 p206 Bell, Little, etc.
L3 p182 Bell, Ring Necked
Bulb or Bulbous Shaped generally like a light bulb. The neck is longer and narrower than the pear shape (see Pear). The rounded body is generally a greater proportion of the shaker than the neck. Note: The bulb may be inverted, as L2 p95 Bulb, Footed, or more bell shaped, as L2 158 Bulb, Small Amberina. L2 p120 Elongated Bulb
L2 p210 Bulbous Ribbed
L3 p31 Seaweed, Opalescent
L3 p184 - 185 various
Bulging Base In general, the bulged base is very prominent but takes a smaller portion of the shaker's height than the neck. There is the effect of the base bulging out suddenly rather than gradually. L2 p60 Bulge Bottom
L2 p132 Bulging Base
L2 p210 Bulging Base, Tall
L3 p119 Bulging Base, Short
Cane A cylindrical shape with raised rounded ribs bent or twisted into patterns. See also Column, Cylinder, Pillar or Tube. L3 p265 Twisted Cane
Column See also Pillar, Cylinder, Cane and Tube; has a tall and narrow look, may have other than straight sides or circular bottom, or look like a stack of several different elements. L2 p213 Column, Tiny
L3 p190 Column, Cross Base
L3 p190 Column, Enlarged Base
Concave An element of the shape, such as a panel, narrows inward. L2 p214 Concave Crackle
L3 p41 Concave Panel
Cone, Inverted See also Tapered Up. Round or oval base, circumference diminishes from base to top. L3 p191 Cone, Inverted Tapered
L3 p191 Cone, Large Inverted
Corset See Curved or Waist. Shape curves inward and then out again. L3 p193 Corset, Elongated
Cube See also Square. Square base and four sides. L2 p119 Cube, Tall
L3 p195 Cube, Tapered Shoulder
Curved See Concave, Corset or Waist. Shape narrows inward from shoulder and then flares outward to the base. L2 p164 Curved Body
L2 p204 Beaded Panel, Concave
L3 p29 Curved Body, Atterbury's
Cylinder See Also Cane, Column, Pillar and Tube; generally a narrow and tall shape with circular base, straight sides and a smooth outer surface. For future naming this should be restricted to circular base and straight sides - "cylinder" is defined geometric form. L2 p219 various
L3 p197 - 200
Dome Dome shape with curved sides. L2 p135 Dome
L3 p204 Dome, Little etc.
Egg Oval egg shape, may be upright or on its side, or be contained in a base. L2 p138 Egg, Flat End
L2 p136 Egg in Blossom
L2 p139 Egg, Flat Side
Food Examples: Corn, Egg, Melon, Pear, Tomato
Globe Globe-shaped. See Apple, Ball, Marble, Sphere. L3 p25 Globe, Columbian
Hexagon Six-sided base and six distinct sides or panels L2 p56 Hexagon Pyramid
Marble Spherical, generally smaller than Apple, Ball, Globe or Sphere L3 p35 Marble Shaped
Melon A lobed globe or oval shape, generally taller than wide. See also Tomato. L2 p47 Melon, Nine Rib
L2 p91 Melon, Ribbed
L3 p72 Melon, Gillinder
Narrow Base Shaker may be any shape (barrel, square) but the body narrows at the base. L2 p130 Barrel, Narrow Based
L2 p148 Narrow Based Bulb
L3 p122 IVT Tapered Peg
Peterson 38Q Scroll, Narrow Base
Neck, Slender Neck is a longer proportion of the shaker than the body. L2 p96 or L3 p76 Slender Neck
Octagon Eight-sided base and 8 distinct sides or panels. L3 p231 Octagon Panel
L3 p232 Octagon Beauty
Pear Pear-shaped, body curves gently outward from narrower neck to full rounded body. See Bulb or Bulbous. L3 p238 - 239
Pillar See also Cane, Column, Cylinder and Tube; generally a narrow and tall shape with circular base with straight sides. Surface may be ribbed or smooth; base may be other than round, or the shaker as a whole may simply have a tall, narrow look to it. For future naming this should be restricted to straight sides; if it has other than straight sides call it a column. L2 p148 various
L2 p122 Pillar, Leaf Based
L2 p148 Pillar, Tall
Pyramid Base is other than round or oval. Shape tapers up from larger base to smaller top. L2 p56 Hexagon, Pyramid
L2 p247 Pyramid, Cut-Off
L3 p245 Pyramid, Studded
Round Shapes See Apple, Ball, Globe, Marble, or Sphere; basic shape is a sphere or slightly flattened sphere.
Skirt Shape is as a flared circular skirt; may be similar to a dome. L3 p254 Skirt
L3 p254 Skirt, Wide Pleat
Sphere or Spheroid Spherical (generally); may be smooth or have interior or exterior surface pattern; may be footed. See also Apple, Ball, Globe or Marble. L2 p151 various
L2 p201 Banded Sphere
L3 p113 various
Square See also Cube. Four sides, flat bottom. May be taller than wide, or have shape other than simple rectangle. L2 p58 Square Twist
L2 p257 Square Panel
L3 p256 Square, Tapered
Peterson 161U or L2 p121 Foursquare
Stopper Bulges at the shoulder, concave taper to a narrower base; shape is reminiscent of a bottle stopper. See also Tapered Down. L3 p92 Bulging Stopper
Tapered Down Round or oval base. Tapers down from larger at the top to smaller at the base. See also Stopper and Footed. L3 p83 Pleat Band
L3 p264 Triangle, Inverted
Tapered Up See also Cone, Inverted. Round or oval base. Tapers up from a larger base to a smaller shoulder. L3 p260 Tapered Speckle
L3 p193 Craquelle, Tapered
Tomato Slightly squat oval with large lobes. L2 p152 and p156
Tube Same as Cylinder; always has a circular base. See also Column, Pillar and Cane. L3 p147 Tube, Ring Based
Tulip Tulip shape, or reversed bell opening at the top. See also Urn. L2 p84 Lamb's Tongue (Tulip, Footed)
Urn A vase on a pedestal. See also Tulip. L3 p237 Paneled Urn
L3 p240 Pedestal Vasa
L3 p91 Sultan
Waist or Waisted See also Curved or Corset. Shape is constricted around the middle. L2 p50 Ribbon Band
L3 p65 Optic Rib
L3 p267 Waisted Spirals

(2) Basic Shapes, Secondary

Shape Description References
Bulge or Bulging See also Bulging Base. This may refer to separate bulges on a basic shape (as Bulging Loops) or to the entire shaker (as Bulging Baroque). L2 p41 Bulging Loops
L2 p41 Bulging Leaf
L3 p45 Torquay, Bulging Short
L3 p185 Bulging Baroque
Creased Neck See also Ring Neck. Pronounced ring just below the neck threads. Generally used with columns or pillars. L2 p216-217 various
L3 p119 C.N. Unfired Burmese
Feet See also Peg Legs. The base doesn't sit flat but has three or more protrusions that rest on the table. L3 p63 Cactus, Fenton's
L3 p64 Fenton No. 4409
L3 p158 Bohemian
Footed See Pedestal. The base is distinctly separate from the shaker body and the shaker rests on that one base. L2 p176 Footed Four Panel
L2 p228 Footed Six Lobe
L3 p83 Pleat Band
L3 p211 Footed Six Pea
Little See also Short and Tiny. L2 p188 Acorn, Little
L2 p203 Barrel, Little
Lobed Curved or rounded projections or divisions (may also be called "ribs" if they are narrow.) See Ribbed. L2 p143 Lobe, Four
L2 p144 Lobe, Five etc.
L3 p226 Lobed Elegance
Neck Ring See Ring Neck or Creased Neck.
Paneled Has a number of distinct sides separated by other design elements such as ribs or scrolls; panels may be flat or curved and may contain other design elements within the panel. L2 p32 Panel, Christmas
L2 p65 Panel, Four Dot
L3 p90 Paneled Hexagons
Pedestal See Footed. The base is distinctly separate from the shaker body and the shaker rests on that one base. L3 p240 Pedestal Vasa
Peg Legs See Feet, Knobby feet or protrustions on the base of the shaker. L2 p89 Peg Leg, Tall
L3 p240 Peg Leg, Round
Pinched Shaker has pinched-in areas. L2 p129 Pinched-In Sides
L3 p109 MOP Pinched-In Diamond Quilt
Rib or Ribbed Raised or indented vertical divisions covering all or part of the shaker (may also be horizontal ribs, cf. L3 p248 Ribbed, Concentric). Note: wide vertical ribs on the inside surface are referred to as Optic Ribs. See also Lobed. L2 p46 Half Ribbed
L2 p49 Rib Triple, Rib Alternating
L2 p65 Little Shrimp
L2 p92 Rib, Scrolled
L3 p124-125 all
L3 p248-249 all
Ring Neck See also Creased Neck. Pronounced ring at the neck. L2 p99 Ring Neck Stripe
L3 p54 Beaded Bulb
L3 p79 Ring Neck Variant
Short See also Little and Tiny. Used as a comparison, to denote a standard shape that is noticeably smaller than other examples. L3 p119 Bulging Base Short
L3 p45 Torquay Bulging Short
L3 p248 Ribbed Shorty
Shoulder, Concave The area below the neck is a concave curve into the main body. L3 p98 Fish Pond
L3 p140 Nestor
Shoulder, Flat The area below the neck and above the main body is flat. L2 p157 Tapered Amberina Barrel
L3 p122 IVT Tapered Pegs
Shouldered, Rounded or Tapered The area below the neck is a convex curve downward into the main body. L2 p156 Creased Neck Country House Condiment
L2 p260 Tapered Shoulder Variant
L3 p42 Challinor shakers
Shoulder, Sloped The area downward from the neck into the main body has a flat silhouette. L3 p86 Gibson Girl
L3 p104 Creased Neck, Tapered
Size Short, Tall, Little, Mini, Wide, Big, etc. Used primarily to distinguish between two sizes of the same pattern.
Swirls Ribs or lines that go diagonally around the shaker body. They may be straight or twist. L2 p51 Swirl various
L2 p67 Swirl and Leaf
L2 p258-259 various
Tall May be used in two ways: (1) Shaker is 3" or more in height, or (2) may be used to distinguish the taller of two similar shapes even if it is less than 3" tall (e.g. Bulging Base L2 p132 and Bulging Base, Tall L2 p210. (1) L2 p66 Pansy, Tall
(1) L3 p130 Barrel, Tall Optic
(2) L3 p183 Bell, Tall
(2) L3 p226 Little Columns, Tall
Tiny See also Little and Short. L2 p236 IVT Tiny
L2 p213 Column Tiny
Twists See Swirls. L3 p265 Twisted Cane
L3 p256 Twist Pillar

(3) Exterior Surface Design in the Mold

Design Description References
Band or Banded Horizontal design element circling the shaker. See also Ring. L2 p36 Banded Shells
L2 p246 Plain Band, Footed
Peterson 21 0 Banded Raindrops
Beads Rows of small raised dots, as a string of beads. See also Pearls and Raindrops. L2 p41 Beaded Panel, Vertical
L2 p184 Beaded Square
L3 p180 all
Peterson 154H Bead and Panel etc.
Birds, Animals, etc. Examples: Thrush, Hen, Butterfly, Rabbit. L2 p58 Thrush
L2 p74 Butterfly
L2 p78 Hen and Rabbit
L3 p186 Butterfly, Large
Block See also Waffle. Design of all-over raised even-sided geometric figures (square, hexagon). L2 p82 Block and Star
L2 p54 Red Block and Lattice
L2 p191 or L3 159 Hexagon Block
Cane, Woven (1) one or more bands of alternating points and buttons (2) bands that look literally like cane or rattan. (1) L3 p166 Scroll and Cane Band
(1) Peterson 24F and 24G Cane ...
(2) L2 p53 and Peterson 24J Cane Woven
Circle Raised circles as design element or frame. L2 p170 Circled Scroll
L2 p213 and Peterson 24W Circle and Fan
Curtain Raised downward-arcing ribs. See also Swags and Scallops. Peterson 24K Curtain
Peterson 24L Curtain and Block
Daisy and Button Generally an all over pattern consisting of raised daisies with buttons filling the spaces between. L2 p196 Daisy and Button Westmoreland's
L2 p219 Daisy and Button, Barrel
L3 p200-201 various
Diamond (1) Surface area covered with sharp raised points. See also Sawtooth. (2) A diamond shape frames an area on the shaker. (1) L2 p221 Diamond Base
(1) L3 p203 Diamond Point Tapered
(2) L2 p221 Diamond Panels
(2) Peterson 159D Diamond Window
Eyes Round or oval raised bumps. See also Hobnail. L2 p24 Thousand Eye
L2 p56 and Peterson 28J Eye Winker
Fan Raised design of fan. Ribs may be straight or curl at the ends. See also Plume and Shell. L2 p63 Double Fan Band
L2 p225 various
Peterson 160M Fan and Feather
Feather Raised design resembling a feather; in some cases what is called a feather resembles a herringbone. L2 p226 Feather Panel
L3 p159 Feather Band
L3 p208 and Peterson 28P Feather, Fine
Flowers, Plants Examples: Cone, Corn, Grape, Pansy, Tulip, Vine L2 p42 Cone
L2 p61 Corn, Corn Sphere
L2 p77 Grape, Four Leaf etc.
L2 p163 Aster, Tall
L2 p90 Tulip, Fostoria's
L2 p86 Clinging Vine
Hobnail All over pattern of raised or sunken bumps. May be rounded or pointed. See also Eyes. L2 p232 Hobnail, Sunk-in
L2 p25 Hobnail in Square
L3 p64 Hobnail Condiment Set
Honeycomb All over pattern of six-sided indentations. This pattern may be on the exterior or the interior. Interior pattern is generally called Honeycomb, Optic. L2 p233 Honeycomb, Beehive
L2 p234 Honeycomb, Tall
L3 p53 Honeycomb, Vikings
L3 p217 Honeycomb, Collared
Ladder See also Zipper. Narrow vertical band of sharp notches. L2 p236 and L3 p223 Ladder, Little
Peterson 32C Ladder with Diamond
Peterson 164 P, Q and R Ladder...
Leaf or Leaves Raised leaf shapes. L2 p64-65 various
L3 p224 various
Ovals, Raised See Eyes, Hobnail, Teardrops
Pearls Circular raised bumps, larger than beads. See also Beads and Raindrops. L2 p244 Pearly Gates
L2 p244 Pearls and Scrolls
Pinwheel See also Whirlwind. Lines or points swirling around a center. Peterson 168R Pinwheel, Cannonball
Pleated Small ribs or gathered pattern over all or a portion of the shaker body. L2 p38 Pleated Skirt
L3 p48 Regina
L3 p49 Annie
Plume Raised fan-like design. See also Fan and Shell. L2 p246 Plume Panel
Raindrops Circular raised bumps. See also Beads, Eyes, Hobnail and Pearls. Peterson 21O Banded Raindrops
Ribbon (1) A raised design of a ribbon tied around the shaker. See also Band. (2) Can refer to vertical stripes. See Stripe. (1) L2 p50 or Peterson 37A Ribbon Band
(1) L2 p250 Ribbon Tie
(2) L2 p98 Opal Ribbon, Vertical
Ring or Ringed One or more horizontal rings circle the shaker body. See also Band. L2 p94 Ring Band
L3 p212 Four Ring
L3 p250 Ring Salt
Round Bumps See Beads, Eyes, Hobnail, Pearls, Raindrops.
Sawtooth See also Diamond (1). Surface covered with sharp raised points. L2 p253 Sawtooth
Peterson 38I Sawtooth and Star
Peterson 171M Sawtooth and Window
Scallops A scallop shell or curved lobes similar to the edge of a shell. See also Curtain and Swags. L2 p108 Scalloped Skirt
L2 p254 Scalloped Neck
L3 p252 Scallop Shell and Seaweed
Scrolls Raised curls, twining or twisting patterns, curlicues. (Elaborate scrolling is also a characteristic of Wavecrest shakers; see Wavecrest). L2 p49 Rib and Scroll
L2 p50 various
L3 p253 various
Peterson 38V Scroll, Trellis
Shell Raised shell design. See also Fan and Plume. L2 p175 Shell
L2 p225 Fan, Beaded
Peterson 39K Shell, Overlapping
Star Design with points or rays, sometimes with a button at the center. See also Sunburst. L2 p198 Star and Diamond
L3 p257 Star and Rib
Peterson 173C - 173M
Stripe See Ribbon(2). Vertical stripes that do not twist or swirl. L2 p99 Ring Neck Stripe
L3 p80 Stripe, Hobbs Wide
Sunburst See also Star. Peterson 174C - 174G
Swags Raised design of swags. See also Curtain and Scallops. L2 p93 Bead Swag
L2 p107 or Peterson 174J Swag with Brackets
Teardrops Raised teardrop shapes, usually in rows. L2 p185 Teardrop, Paneled
L3 p66 Teardrop, Bulging
Thumbprint Round or oval indentations as if made by a thumb. Many shakers with this name have the indentations as an overall pattern on the interior surface, which is called IVT or inverted thumbprint. L2 p24 Thumbprint, Ruby
L2 p125 Thumbprint, Wavecrest
L3 p261 Thumbprint, Four
L3 p262 Thumbprint on Spearhead
Waffles See also Block. Design of all-over raised or recessed squares. L2 p33 Waffle, Octagon
L3 p267 Waffle with Starbursts
Whirlwind See also Pinwheel. Lines or points swirling around a center. Peterson 43O Whirlwind
Zipper See also Ladder. Narrow vertical band of sharp notches generally (but not always) occurring up the corners of a shaker. L2 p172 Zippered Block
L3 p33 Zipper, Belmont
Peterson 43V Zippered Diamond

(4) Interior Surface Design in the Mold

Design Description References
Honeycomb, Optic Overall honeycomb pattern on the interior surface. L2 p233 Honeycomb, Rubina Verde
L3 p218 Honeycomb, Large
L3 p218 Honeycomb Sphere, Short
Panels, Optic Panels on the interior are designated "optic." See also Ribs, Optic. L3 p233 Optic Paneling
Ribs, Optic Ribs on the inside surface are generally referred to as "optic ribs," although the term has been used for shakers with wide or deep ribs on the exterior, e.g. L2 p 198 "Optic, West Virginia's" and p199 "Optic, Nine Rib." See also Panels, Optic. L2 p35 Ribbed Inside
L3 p109 Optic Ribs, Bulging
L3 p234 Optic Ribs, Twelve Tall
Thumbprint, called Inverted Thumbprint or IVT Overall pattern of round or oval (or sometimes six-sided as the honeycomb) indentations on the interior surface. L2 p36 Thumbprint, Swirl-Based
L2 p236 IVT, Tiny
L3 p222 Inverted Thumbprint, Small
L3 p262 Thumbprint, Irregular

(5) Applied Surface Decoration or Treatment

Type Description References
Coralene Decoration achieved by embedding small colored beads in an enamel matrix prior to heating the glass. L2 p135 Creased Neck, Coralene
L3 p192 Coralene on Bristol
Crown Milano Decoration type by Mt. Washinton. Pattern molded opaque white glass, usually with gold and enamel design HP on a lightly tinted background. Shakers are often ribbed pillars. L2 p135
Cut Design is cut into the surface by mechanical means, e.g. wheel or needle. See also Etched. L3 p246 Regal
Enamel Heavily applied paint that stands up from the surface, often as small dots to create flowers. L2 p122 Panel, Tapered
L2 p138 Decorated Burmese
L3 p113 Sphere, Small Honeycomb
Etched (1) Generally refers to a design made by eating into the shaker's surface with acid. See also Frosted. (2) Also used to denote shallow design made by meachanical means (e.g. wheel or needle). See also Cut. (1) L2 p161 Pomona, Cornflower
(2) L3 p38 Cambridge #1266
Frosted Cryhstal clear glass whose surface has been acid treated or grit blasted which makes the glass translucent. See Satinized. L2 p54 Flower and Pleat
L3 p157 Tear, Tiggin
L3 p232 Octagon, Skirt
Hand Painted (HP) Paint applied by hand (as opposed to a transfer decoration). L2 p139 Egg-Like
L2 p225 Elvira's Butterfly
L3 p75 Cartouche
Jewels Small glass beads, sometimes gilt, applied and look like they have been glued on. L3 p116 Barrel, Honeycomb, Rigaree Flowered
Kelva Decoration type by C.F.Monroe. Mottled, batik-like background applied to opalware glass as the backdrop to HP flowers. Ref. Wave Crest, The Glass of C.F.Monroe by W. Cohen. L2 p121 Kelva and Kelva, Small
L2 p123 Pillar, Leaf Based Kelva
L3 p94 Cube, Shortened Kelva
Mary Gregory type Generally high quality enamel or HP design in white, often of children, on transparent colored glass. L2 p20 Mary Gregory
L2 p20 Mary Gregory type
L3 p256 Square, Royal
Nakara Decoration type by C.F.Monroe. Shaker may be simple shape with rococo scrolling: deep rich background colors, beaded enameling and transfer pattern of person or scene. Ref. Wave Crest, The Glass of C.F.Monroe by W. Cohen. L2 p119 Creased Neck, Nakara
L3 p95 Nakara
Pomona Etched, stained designs on a frosted ground achieved with wax resist and acid. Called "first ground" or "second ground" depending on the method used. Refer to L2 p161 or Kenneth Wilson's book p353 for further description of "first ground" vs "second ground." L2 p161 Pomona, Cornflower Decorated
L3 p134 Pomona, Blueberry and Leaf
Rigaree Fused on ornamentation made of individual pieces of clear or colored glass; see also Jewels. L3 p116 Barrel Honeycomb, Rigaree Flowered
L3 p250 Rigaree, Tall
Satinized See Frosted L2 p46 Half Cone
L3 p174 Barrel, Honeycomb Expanded Base
Transfer Decoration created by decal transfer. Pattern will be made of tiny dots when examined under a magnifying glass. L2 p120 Elongated Bulb
L3 p92 Bulging Stopper, Wavecrest
Wavecrest Decoration type by C.F.Monroe. Shaker often has ornate scrolling in the mold. Basic ID is best done by shape; Ref. Wave Crest, The Glass of C.F.Monroe by W. Cohen. Earlier shakers are HP; later shakers combine HP and transfer. Surface may be glossy or dull. L2 p122 Pearl Wavecrest
L3 p96 Various

(6) Glass Types

Type Description References
Agata High gloss mottled finish produced by coating a piece of peachblow glass with a metallic stain, spattering the surface with alcohol, and firing. Result looks like oil drops floating on a watery surface. L2 p158 Agata
L3 p128, 129 Agata
Agate Same as Marbled, Slag and Variegated.
Amberina Heat sensitive homogeneous glass shades from deep red at neck to amber at base; opposite shading is called "reverse amberina." L2 p157 Tapered Amberina Barrel
L3 p266 Twist Pillar
Amberina, Plated Amberina glass plated over white glass. L3 p131 Curved Ribbing
Aurene See also Iridescent. Steuben Glass Works' iridescent glass. L2 p182 Blue Aurene
Bluerina Plated glass shades from light blue to dark ruby or cranberry, or from cranberry to blue. Also called "ruby sapphire." SSNo: 862 Wee Puff Ball
L2 p258 Stanley's Bluerina
Bluina Plated glass shades from light or dark blue to clear. L3 p132 Honeycomb, Tapering Barrel
Bristol Thin, lightweight, translucent glass usually decorated with enamel. Originated in Bristol, England in the 17th and 18th centuries. Now the name is applied to translucent glass from England or the Continent. L2 p209 Bristol, Ring Base
L3 p192 Coralene on Bristol
Burmese Single layer, homogeneous, opaque; shades from salmon pink to pale yellow; color shading will be the same on the interior surface; fluoresces under black light. L2 p130 Barrel, Ribbed Burmese
L2 p133 Burmese, Glossy
L3 p163 Burmese, Webb Decorated
Cameo A form of cased glass; a shell of glass is prepared, then one or more layers of different colored glass are applied to it. A design is then cut through the outer layer(s) to form the design. L2 p211 Cameo
Cased Two or more layers of glass. See Flashed. Some authors restrict "cased" to where the additional layer(s) of glass are applied to the inside of the glass shell. L2 p67 Swirl and Leaf
L2 p83 Jacqueline
L3 p55 Corn
Chocolate An opaque brown glass; ranges in color from dark rich chocolate to a lighter, coffee with cream hue. Also called "caramel." Developed by Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co.; also made by National Glass and later, Fenton. L2 p104 Chrysanthemum Leaf
L2 p104 Caramel Leaf Bracket
Clambroth A pale shade of translucent glass much like milky dishwater. L2 p209 Bristol, Ring Base
Coin Spot or Polka Dot An opalescent dot design; generally (but not consistently) "coin spot" refers to a white dot and "polka dot" is where the dot is the glass color outlined in white. L2 p84 Polka Dot
L2 p98 Opal Coin Spot
L2 p98 Polka Dot Swirl (Opalescent Windows)
L3 p244 Polka Dot
Crackle or Craquelle Apparent random cracks throughout give the shaker the appearance of cracking ice. Effect was created by putting the hot piece into cold water and then reheating and reblowing it. L2 p109 Crackle, Bulbous Base
L2 p214 Concave Crackle
L3 p194 Creased Neck, Craquelle
Cranberry Originally called "ruby," this color has a violet tinge to it. The glass formula contained gold to achieve the color. Some old cranberry glass is plated with a thin ruby interior and an outer layer of clear crystal. Some glass called cranberry was made with cheaper copper to achieve the color. L2 p174 Paneled Sprig
L3 p217 Hockey Puck
Custard Opaque yellow, white or green glass that fluoresces under black light. L2 p94 Punty Band and Ring Band
L2 p202 Barrel, Custard
L3 p75 Winged Scroll
Findlay Onyx Onyx glass contains metallic substances which produce various colors when heated. The silver/platinum luster is homogeneous glass; the other colors are cased. L2 p55 Findlay Onyx
L2 p56 Rose Findlay Onyx
L3 p51 various
Flashed Two layers of glass, one is thin and clear, the other colored. See also Cased and Plated.
Holly Amber Also called Golden Agate. Translucent rich golden amber glass, opalescent L2 p105 Holly Amber
L3 p284-285
Homogeneous The glass mix contains a uniform color throughout from the outer to the inner surface.
Iridescent Glass appears to have shiny metallic surface, resulting from metallic gasses being absorbed into the glass while it is hot. See also Aurene. L2 p187 Tiffany
Iverene Whitish translucent glass with iridescent surface. Made by Steuben Glass. L3 p154 Iverene
Marbled See Agate, Slag and Variegated L2 p38 Marble Glass Box
MOP (Mother of Pearl) Opaque satinized with various surface patterns created by air trapped between the glass layers. L2 p145 - 147 various
L3 p122 - 123 Various
Multi-layered The shaker contains two or more layers of glass. See Cased, Flashed, Plated, Cameo. Multiple layers can be detected by examining the rim for the various layers.
Opalescent Glass has raised white designs on the inner or outer surface. See also Coin Spot and Polka Dot. L2 p175 Spanish Lace
Peachbloom Two layered (see Cased); inside is white opal glass, outside shades from deep rose to pale pink. L3 p244 Peachbloom
L3 p148 - 149
Peachblow, Mt. Washington Variation of the Mt. Washington Burmese formula; shades from pink at the top to pale blue or gray. Color shading will be the same on the interior surface. L2 p131 Barrel, Ribbed Mt. Washington
L3 p125 Pillar, Ribbed Mt. Washington
Peachblow, New England Single layer homogeneous shades from deep red at top to white or creamy white at the base. L2 p160 - 162 various
Peachblow, Wheeling Two layered (see Plated); inside is white opal glass, outside shades from fuchsia red at top to golden yellow at base. L2 p100 Wheeling Peachblow
Pigeon Blood A deep orange-red colored transparent glass with a very definite orange glow. L2 p51 Torquay
L2 p110 Flower Band
Plated Two or more layers of glass. Some authors differentiate this from casing in that the thin skin of glass is applied to the outside of the glass shell. L3 p131 Curved Ribbing
Polka Dot See Coin Spot L3 p244 Polka Dot
Rose Amber Mt. Washington's Amberina L3 p126 Rose Amber
Rubina Flashed glass that shades from ruby or deep cranberry to clear crystal, usually from top to bottom. L2 p100 Thumbprint, Concave
L2 p253 Rubina Optic
Rubina Verde Flashed glass that shades from ruby or deep cranberry at the top to light green or greenish yellow at base. L2 p252 Rubina Verde, Honeycomb
L2 253 Rubina Verde, Footed
Slag See also Variegated. Color variations are achieved by the incomplete mixing of colors, resulting in streaks or swirls. L2 p39 Slag
L2 p239 Mixup
Spangled Cased glass in which flecks or spangles, often mica, are embedded between inner and outer layers. See also Vasa Murrhina. L2 p175 Zippered Corner
L3 p80 Spangled Glass, Hobbs
Spatter Cased glass in which the initial gather is rolled in small pieces of one or more other colors of glass; the entire gather is then coated with another layer. The result is a glass that has small spots of color spread over the surface. Similar to Spangled or Vasa Murrhina but without the mica or other mteals. L2 p57 Spatter, Findlay
L3 p31 Yarn
L3 p66 Spatter glass Swirl
Speckled Outer surface is rolled in tiny bits of colored glass which bond to the surface, usually leaving it bumpy. L3 p37 Reverse Swirl, Optic
Stained All or part of a glass surface is stained with a colored fluid which is then fired to bake on the color. L2 p107 Ribbed Thumbprint
L3 p267 Waffle Columns
Variegated See also Agate, Marbled and Slag. Variations in color are achieved by the incomplete mixing of colors. L2 p45 Flower Assortment
L3 p44 Leaning
L3 p45 Rib, Triple
Vasa Murrhina Glass has a transparent outer layer containing mica or pieces of colored glass. See also Spangled. L2 p97 Barrel, Vasa Murrhina
L2 p99 Ring Neck
Vaseline Usually transparent yellow or green glass that fluoresces yellow green under black light. L2 p242 Panel and Star
L3 p152 Ransom

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