Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club
(This Form is to be used if you are interested in adding one of your shakers to our website)
Submitted by:_____________________ Email:___________________ Phone:________________ Date: _________________

Club members who have an unknown shaker are invited to submit all information about their shaker on this Submission Form. Then, the Shaker ID Committee will study your submission and vote to decide if the shaker data and photo are appropriate for uploading to the web site. If the shaker's name is well documented, then the photo and data sheet might be edited, but will be directly posted on the web site. If the name for the shaker is unknown, then, at the Club's annual meeting, members will vote to select the best name for the shaker. [Suggested name(s) are welcome.] Attach a 3" close-up photo-in sharp focus to show any pattern.

[Note: The Club has prepared a special document at to help member's select appropriate terminology to best describe and classify their shakers. Please view the above referenced document and existing Shaker Data Sheets for helpful descriptive and formatting procedures.]

Shaker name (if known):_______________________ Maker (if known):________________________________
Reference(s) (if known):________________________________________________________________________

Measurements in inches:
      Maximum diameter/width of side (if multi-sided): _________ Bottom diameter/length of edge: _________
      Height (without top or to top of collar if two pc top): _________
      Other special dimensions (please specify): _____________________________________

Description be sure to include the primary body shape (e.g., square, cylindrical; barrel, concave, etc.); all special features of the body (e.g., bulging, multi-paneled, etc.); the shoulder (e.g., slanted, flat, concave); the neck (e.g., elongated, concaved, ringed, etc.); the base (footed, bulging, flared, etc.); and the bottom (e.g., rayed, indented, flat, etc.) Also, detailed description of the main features in the pattern including, e.g., the number of times pattern is repeated, style, number of ornaments (like hearts, knobs, embossing, etc.):___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Decoration (such as details of hand painted [HP] design; special etching, ruby-stained, and other special treatments.): ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

Glass colors known: (opalware, deep blue, vaseline, amberina, etc.): _______________________________________
Special Comments (your feelings on related shakers and other possible manufacturers, and comments on references are fine; however, be sure to clearly indicate if you are speculating: _____________________________________________

Please print and fill in this form and send it with photo of your shaker to: Gretchen Zale, 230 Pierce Lake Dr., Chelsea, MI 48118, by regular mail or you can email her the data and photo at Tip: Except for white or light colored shakers, the pattern usually shows up best if the photo is taken using a white background.