Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club
9th Gallery of Shakers #300 to #330
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Column, Concave< > Honeycomb, Regal< > Barrel, Windows< > Squared Eye< > Crystal Rock< > Bulb with Peg Legs< > Diagonal Flower< > Flower, Footed

Cambridge 1035< > Hobstar< > Paneled Hexagons< > Creased Bulges< > Lily Pond< > Creased Tracery< > Saloon, Paneled< > Scroll, Triple Bulge

Flowered Choker, Footed< > Canadian Moon and Star< > Hockey Puck< > Bull's Eye in Oval< > Four Rings< > Interlocked Hearts< > Leaf, Four Paneled< > Scroll, Arched

Beaded Bubbles< > Scallops and Beads< > Beaded Embroidery< > Stars and Stripes< > Reeding Bands

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