Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club
8th Gallery of Shakers #266 to #299
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Homestead< > Fleur-de-Lis Petite< > Meriden Peeler< > Elongated Bulb, Type II< > Floral Band, Footed< > Paneled Pear< > Butterfly and Tassel< > Middle Bulge< > Square Panel< > Sparkles

Fanfare< > Greek Key Banded< > Versailles< > Flying Saucer< > Ribbed Ball, Footed< > Paneled Urn< > Flower Line< > Pattee Cross

S & P Mugs< > Tapered Shoulder, Variant< > Pillar, Optic Ribbed< > Giant Bull's-eyes< > Fern Garland Fern Garland< > Block and Double Fan< > Daisy and Button, Curved Feet< > Tree

Flower and Leaf, Flaired Base< > Bubble Bottom< > Pseudo Pomona< > Pillar Tapered, IVT< > Diapered Flower< > Blocked, Vertical Columns< > Egg, Flat End

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