Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club
11th Gallery of Shakers (#363 to #391)
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Sequoia, Variant< > Barrel, Slender IVT< > Diamond, Petaled< > Diamond Dazzle< > Paneled Prism< > Lobed Elegance< > Bale, Pairpoint's< > Globe, Columbian

Arched Pioneer< > Square Kansas< > Teardrop and Leaf Drooping< > Ribs Eighteen< > Square Royal< > < > Barrel, Footed Optic< > Ribbed Bulbous, Filigree

Barrel Avery< > Pyramid S4< > Hero< > Opal Venetian< > Ball, Venetian Diamond< > Flower Swirl< > Fine Ribs< > Ribbed Opalescent Spots

Diamond, Fine< > Ladders and Slides< > Barrel, Flared Top< > Cylinder, Optic Honeycomb< > Melon, Variant

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